“We’ve hired Les to write feature articles for us for the last couple of years. We publish Illinois Country Living magazine, a monthly magazine with a circulation of 176,000. Les has been a very dependable correspondent for us in southern Illinois.

His writing skill was evident with the first article he submitted. But what really impressed us was his overall professionalism. He is thorough in his research, very responsive to deadlines, persistent without being pushy, and responds well to any suggestions or requests. The first draft he submits is always very clean. As an editor I really appreciate that attention to detail. Les is dependable as well as a gifted writer.”

John Lowrey, Editor
Illinois Country Living

“Les is the consummate professional. I can depend on Les to be responsive, prepared and on time with deadlines; all the while understanding and capturing the nuances of writing clear, compelling copy. It is not an easy assignment…Les knows and understands the complexities of such specialized medical reporting and greets these protocols with a smile and a terrific attitude.

I have watched Les evolve from being a good writer to a tremendous storyteller. Whether it is for a monthly business publication or a statewide magazine piece, his talent to nail down the topic continues to ‘wow’ me every time.”

Rosslind Rice, Communications Coordinator
Southern Illinois Healthcare

“…as a design firm, our core focus is to provide our clients with sharp, concise and creative messages through print collateral, online media and advertising…I can honestly say that the material we have created for these companies and ourselves has benefited greatly in large part to your research abilities and your uncanny capacity to ‘nail’ a particular tone in writing.

You have always been on time, on budget and most importantly for us as a design firm, have helped us with your ability to match a writing style with a particular ‘image’ we have crafted. Oftentimes, your services were provided on very short notice, with little information to go on other than a brief phone conversation. Notwithstanding is your grasp of proper grammar and attention to every dot, comma and semicolon.”

James A. Moseman, Owner and Creative Director
James Arthur & Company, Inc.

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