Writing Samples

Looking for examples of Les’ work? Look no further. Feel free to check out these sample clips:

Made in Illinois: Small town Illinois is good for big business
Illinois Country Living Magazine

“Manufacturing has been, and continues to be, the biggest slice of Illinois’ economic pie, with annual production of more than $107 billion. Picturing large factories and smokestacks, many of the state’s residents consider manufacturing to be exclusive to urban areas…”

Read the entire article…

Carbondale Chamber of Commerce Profile Book 2009

The showpiece for the City of Carbondale, this booklet is a bi-annual project of the Chamber of Commerce. Thousands of copies are distributed to visitors, prospective residents and business leaders.

The entire book can be seen here.

Web copy for James Arthur and Company

The web presence for one of St. Louis’ newest and most vibrant loft communities needed promotional text that was as fresh and lively as the development itself. Les delivered with dynamic writing perfectly matched to the style of the development and the website. Visit www.1818stl.com

Flying High
Southern Illinois Sports Connection, May 2010

A profile of Dick Sanders, pilot for the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets. Read it here.

Paging All Doctors: Diagnosing and curing what ails rural healthcare in Illinois
Illinois Country Living Magazine, January 2009

In an article that received numerous accolades and was shared with health professionals throughout the state, Les shared the growing shortage of physicians and medical providers in rural parts of Illinois and what it means for residents. Read the article.

Transition Time
Saluki Illustrated Magazine February 2010

The life of a basketball player transferring from the junior college level can be challenging…”

Read the text of the full article giving insight into the lives and roles of Southern Illinois University juco transfers.

There’s no ‘luck of the Irish’ for Mr. O’Dell
Southern Illinoisan, March 17, 2009

In a highly-popular column, Les shares tales of life with an apostrophe. Read the column.

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