“To Hot Card…”

I just opened my checking account statement to balance my checkbook (and if you’re not balancing yours within 72 hours of getting your statement, you should be!) Anyway, I noticed a sentence on the top of the statement, just under my name an address. Here’s what it said:

To hot card a lost or stolen ATM or debit card please call…

What? “To hot card a lost”? I think it is supposed to say, “To report a lost or…”, but I’m not completely sure.

Since I get bank statements every month, I decided to see if this is an error that has been on the statements before. I found the very first time it appeared incorrectly: April 2007. Wow. I can’t believe I didn’t see that before now. Even more curious to me is that no one else apparently has noticed either–nobody at the bank, none of the programmers that originally set it up and none of the banks other of customers. Either nobody ever looks at the top of their bank statement (or they’re only looking at the bottom line) like me or no one even opens their statements. Let’s hope it is the first one.

Guess I’ll call the bank tomorrow to see if it will be corrected before next month. I’ll keep you posted.

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